Class Set Optics

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Dive into optical exploration with the Fischertechnik Class Set Optics. Experiment with light phenomena through engaging models and hands-on experiments.”

  • Comprehensive Classroom Resource: Explore optical concepts with six quick-to-build models and six captivating experiments.
  • Hands-On Learning: Encourage scientific inquiry as students observe and analyze light behavior firsthand.
  • Classroom-Friendly Design: Includes 16 individual sets, perfect for up to 30 students and one teacher.
  • Promotes STEM Education: Fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills, aligning with STEM learning initiatives.
  • Ignite Curiosity: Inspire scientific exploration and deepen understanding of optical principles with Fischertechnik.


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🔍 Dive deep into the captivating world of optics with the fischertechnik Class Set Optics! Ideal for budding scientists, this comprehensive kit offers an immersive exploration of light phenomena and optical experiments.

🔬 Explore Light Phenomena: Unravel the mysteries of light and shadow, examine fascinating objects under magnification, and discover the principles of reflection and refraction. From exploring the formation of shadows to understanding the properties of lenses, the Class Set Optics provides a rich array of experiments that inspire curiosity and critical thinking.

🔦 Hands-On Experimentation: With 16 individual sets in each class set, up to 30 students and a teacher can engage in hands-on experimentation, building models, and conducting a variety of optical experiments.

🎓 STEM Education Enhanced: Foster a deeper understanding of STEM concepts as students delve into real-world applications of optical principles. From understanding how lenses work to exploring the science behind everyday phenomena, the Optics Set sparks curiosity and promotes interdisciplinary learning. Whether studying the properties of light or exploring the mechanics of optical instruments, the Class Set Optics promotes interdisciplinary learning and encourages students to think critically and analytically.

🌟 Premium Quality Materials: Crafted with durability and safety in mind, the class set features high-quality components, ensuring a secure environment for exploration and experimentation.

🔬 Unlock a World of Discovery: From investigating the properties of light to constructing optical instruments, this class set offers endless possibilities for learning and discovery, inspiring the scientists of tomorrow. Embark on an enlightening journey with fischertechnik Class Set Optics! 🌈🔍


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