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Class Set Solar Energy

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Explore renewable energy with the Fischertechnik Solar Energy Set. Engaging experiments and solar modules provide hands-on learning opportunities for students and educators alike.

  • Comprehensive Classroom Solution: Contains 16 individual sets, suitable for up to 30 students and one teacher.
  • Focus on Solar Energy: Communicates solar energy principles effectively, promoting environmental awareness.
  • Solar Modules and Motor: Includes two solar modules and one solar motor for practical demonstrations.
  • Interactive Experiments: Ten online experiments facilitate engaging classroom activities.
  • Easy-to-Build Models: Three models simplify understanding of solar energy concepts.
  • Fun and Exciting Learning: Fully designed tasks and solutions ensure an enjoyable educational experience.


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🌞 Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of renewable energy with the Fischertechnik Class Set Solar Energy! Ideal for introducing students to the wonders of solar power, this comprehensive kit offers hands-on experiments and models that bring the concepts of solar energy to life.

🔆 Explore Solar Phenomena: From comprehending the fundamental principles of sunlight to harnessing its potent energy, students embark on an enlightening journey to uncover the intricacies of solar power generation and utilization.

🔬 Hands-On Learning Experience: With 16 individual sets included in each class set, up to 30 students and a teacher can collaborate, engaging in practical construction and experimentation to unravel the mysteries of solar energy in a dynamic classroom setting.

🎓 Promotes STEM Education: Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills, the kit empowers students to explore real-world applications of solar technology, fostering interdisciplinary understanding and igniting a passion for scientific inquiry.

🌟 High-Quality Materials: Crafted with durability and safety as top priorities, the class set features child-friendly components, ensuring a secure environment for hands-on experimentation while upholding rigorous safety standards.

⚙️ Unlock Endless Possibilities: From constructing solar-powered models to conducting experiments with solar cells and photovoltaic systems, this class set offers a myriad of opportunities for discovery and innovation, inspiring future environmental stewards.

Embark on an enlightening journey with the Fischertechnik Class Set Solar Energy, where learning about renewable energy is not only educational but also engaging and empowering! 🚀🔍


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