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Dominobot – KidzRobotix

18,99 tax included

Build your own Dominobot with KidzRobotix:

  • Automated domino stacking robot
  • Perfect for children who love construction and play
  • Enhances STEM learning through hands-on experience
  • A fun and educational addition to any playroom

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Introducing the Dominobot from KidzRobotix – the innovative robot designed to stack domino tiles effortlessly! With this 4M creation, the tedious task of setting up domino tiles is a thing of the past. Dominobot ensures perfect alignment of the dominoes every single time, creating a mesmerizing display that’s both fun to watch and play with.

Delight in the process of building Dominobot and connecting the electric circuit. Next, add an extra touch of fun by attaching all the stickers to the domino tiles. Once the dominoes are set up and you’ve watched them topple in a captivating chain reaction, you’re all set for a game or two of classic dominoes!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (add an A for Art, and you get STEAM). STEM toys are versatile learning tools that foster the development of skills in these disciplines in an engaging manner through play. These toys are developed with an educational concept to sharpen children’s knowledge and can be an excellent way to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and promote open-ended learning. Their entertaining yet educational qualities have garnered them popularity among parents worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this exciting learning adventure!


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