Dynamic S

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Introducing Dynamic S by fischertechnik – an exhilarating ball obstacle course that guarantees heaps of fun! Explore its features:

  • Classic toy system combined with ball obstacle course for exciting playtime.
  • Build three impressive obstacle courses from over 140 parts.
  • Encourages creativity and engineering skills in young minds.
  • Offers various models including simple, action-packed, and twin-track obstacle courses.
  • Provides immersive, hands-on learning experiences for kids.


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🎢 Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Dynamic S by FischerTechnik! This innovative construction set allows you to build thrilling ball obstacle courses filled with action and excitement. Discover the thrill of engineering and creativity as you design and assemble your own dynamic tracks, perfect for hours of engaging playtime. 🌟 Ideal for budding engineers and young innovators, Dynamic S sparks creativity and curiosity while promoting hands-on STEM learning.

Construct Thrilling Ball Obstacle Courses:

🏗️ Create action-packed courses where steel balls race downwards, accelerating as they navigate through twists, turns, and sound tubes. Experiment with different configurations to design courses that challenge and inspire, fostering problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning.

Explore New Ways of Play:

🔄 Experiment with rotary funnels, teeter-totters, and cross-overs to design courses that challenge and inspire. Discover innovative ways to guide the balls through the course, introducing elements of physics and dynamics in a fun and interactive way.

Encourage STEM Learning:

🚀 Engage in problem-solving and critical thinking as you assemble intricate obstacle courses, promoting spatial awareness and engineering concepts. Develop an understanding of motion, forces, and energy while exploring the principles of mechanics and design.

Inspire Creativity:

🎨 With over 140 parts, Dynamic S offers endless possibilities for designing unique courses that test ingenuity and imagination. Let your creativity run wild as you experiment with different layouts and features, encouraging imaginative play and exploration.

Quality Construction:

🔧 Built with high-quality materials, Dynamic S ensures durability and safety for hours of creative playtime. Each component is designed to withstand rigorous play, providing a reliable and long-lasting construction set for aspiring engineers.

Embark on an exciting journey of discovery with Dynamic S, where each build brings new adventures and opportunities for learning and fun! 🌈✨


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