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iRobot Brick Top

24,99 tax included

Enhance creativity with Root™ Brick Top accessory. Power your building blocks creations using Root® coding robot, expanding engineering explorations.

  • Accessory for Root® coding robot.
  • Compatible with various building blocks.
  • Easily attaches magnetically to the top of the Root® robot.
  • Encourages creative engineering and coding adventures.
  • Ideal for learning through play and hands-on exploration.
  • Enhances the versatility and possibilities of Root® coding robot experiences.

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iRobot Brick Top: Building a Bridge Between Robotics and Imagination!


? Where Robotics Meets Construction Introducing the iRobot Brick Top, a remarkable fusion of your favorite construction bricks and innovative robotic technology. Design, build, and breathe life into your brick creations!

?️ Unleash Your Architectural Genius Craft intricate labyrinths, towering skyscrapers, or mesmerizing mazes. With the Brick Top, you’re not just building structures; you’re creating robotic masterpieces.

? The Power of Modular Design Customize your iRobot like never before. Whether you’re constructing a robotic dragon or a motorized fortress, the possibilities are boundless.

?️ Seamless Integration, Endless Fun Designed to integrate effortlessly with most popular brick brands, the iRobot Brick Top ensures that your existing brick collection gains a touch of robotics magic.

? Enter the World of Interactive Play Move beyond static brick models. Design doors that swing open on command, bridges that lift, or even a dance floor that lights up as your robot twirls.

? Programming with Purpose Harness the power of coding to bring complex brick scenarios to life. Maybe your brick city has automated traffic or a castle with a rising drawbridge. You code it; the Brick Top brings it to life.

? Educate While You Entertain Children (and adults!) learn best when they’re having fun. The iRobot Brick Top not only fosters creativity but also introduces foundational STEM concepts through interactive play.

? Upgrade and Expand With our range of compatible attachments and modules, your iRobot can continually evolve. As your skills grow, so can your robotic brick world.

? Inspire and Be Inspired Join our community of builders, designers, and coders. Share your iRobot brick creations, explore new design challenges, and get inspired by the incredible constructions of others.

? The Perfect Gift for Builders of All Ages Whether you’re gifting a budding architect or a seasoned brick enthusiast, the iRobot Brick Top promises hours of creative and educational entertainment.


Reimagine What Your Bricks Can Do! Turn every building session into an interactive robotic adventure. With the iRobot Brick Top, every brick tells a story, and every creation is a step closer to the future of play. ???


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