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iRobot Root Lite STEAM

154,99 tax included

iRobot Root Lite STEAM: Ignite young minds with coding and robotics, offering intuitive learning through playful exploration. STEAM learning redefined.

  • Visual Programming: Easy drag-and-drop interface.
  • Advanced Sensors: Interactive environment-aware responses.
  • App Integration: Seamless tablet/computer connectivity.
  • Progressive Learning: From basics to text-based coding.
  • STEAM Focus: Integrating science, tech, arts, and math.

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iRobot Root Lite STEAM: Unlock STEAM Learning! ?


Ignite passion for STEAM with iRobot Root Lite. A seamless fusion of play and education, this robotic marvel brings interactive learning right to your fingertips.

? Engaging Intro to Coding: With its intuitive interface, it turns coding concepts into child’s play. Dive in and watch as your commands spring to life!

? Reactive Sensors: Explore its world as the robot climbs whiteboards, trails lines, and responds to gestures. It’s not just a toy; it’s an interactive buddy.

? Evolve with Experience: Beginning with visual coding? As you grow, transition to text-based challenges. It’s a learning curve that keeps pace with you.

? Integrated Learning Hub: Pair with its dedicated app to unlock lessons, projects, and challenges suitable for various skill levels.

Beyond Just Tech: More than coding, it’s a tool fostering creativity, problem-solving, and a broad understanding of STEAM.


Dive into the world of STEAM with iRobot Root Lite. Whether it’s your first step into coding or a new tool in your tech repertoire, it promises endless educational fun! ?


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