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Junior Constructor

24,99 tax included

Dive into the world of engineering with the Junior Constructor building kit. Create imaginative structures while enhancing motor skills and fostering creativity.

  • Large construction elements for easy handling.
  • Build 8 different models, promoting versatility and creativity.
  • Develops hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Age-appropriate building instructions for quick and enjoyable construction.
  • Includes figurine fischertechNik for added fun and imaginative play.
  • Ideal for aspiring young engineers aged 5 and up.


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🔧 Unlock the world of building and creativity with fischertechnik’s Junior Constructor kits! Designed for budding engineers aged 5 and up, these sets offer a hands-on learning experience that sparks imagination and problem-solving skills.

🏗️ Build Limitless Creations: 🛠️ Let your imagination soar as you construct a variety of vehicles, planes, and more using the extra-large construction elements included in the kit. With the ability to build eight different models, the possibilities are endless!

🎨 Promote Development: 🧠 Foster eye-hand coordination and promote gross and fine motor skills as you manipulate the colorful fischertechnik parts. The building instructions, tailored for children, make it easy to get started and inspire creativity.

👩‍🔬 Learn Through Play: 🚀 Dive into the basics of engineering and technology while having fun. Each model offers a learning opportunity, introducing young minds to fundamental STEM concepts in an engaging and interactive way.

🌱 Sustainable Fun: 🌿 Made with environmentally friendly materials, including renewable raw materials, the Junior Constructor kits prioritize sustainability without compromising on quality or durability. Join Nik, the fischertechnik figurine, in eco-friendly playtime adventures!

🎁 Gift the Gift of Exploration: 🎉 Perfect for birthdays or holidays, the Junior Constructor kits make a fantastic gift for curious kids eager to explore the world of building and construction. Encourage creativity and hands-on learning with fischertechnik today!


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