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Mechanics 2.0

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Dive into mechanical engineering with the Fischertechnik Mechanics 2.0 set. Explore physics principles through hands-on models, perfect for STEM education.

  • Engage in practical learning experiences, building models that illustrate fundamental mechanical concepts.
  • Supports STEM education by covering physics, technology, and science topics relevant to curriculum standards.
  • Suitable for both primary and secondary levels, offering age-appropriate models for various skill levels.
  • Access a comprehensive activity booklet with teacher instructions, display models, and downloadable teaching materials.
  • Comes with clear instructions and organized parts for easy construction of 30 different models.
  • Additional resources available for download from the Fischertechnik eLearning portal, enhancing classroom instruction.
  • Neatly organized in a sturdy storage box, ensuring long-term durability and easy access to components.


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🔧 Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of mechanics with Mechanics 2.0 by fischertechnik! 🚗 This innovative educational construction set unveils the inner workings of drive shafts, manual transmissions, and planetary gears, offering a comprehensive exploration of mechanical principles.

Build and Learn: 🏗️ Assemble 30 different models that illustrate fundamental mechanical principles. From bridges to cranes, each model offers hands-on learning opportunities, making complex concepts easy to understand. From sturdy bridges to towering cranes, each model provides hands-on learning experiences, transforming intricate theories into tangible realities.

STEM Curriculum: 📚 Mechanics 2.0 covers topics relevant to STEM education, including physics, technology, and natural sciences. Ideal for primary and secondary level students, it fosters a basic understanding of mechanical and technical principles.

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning: 👩‍🏫 Use Mechanics 2.0 in both classroom settings and independent study. The set supports supervised instruction with a didactic activity booklet and can also be used for self-guided exploration.

High-Quality Materials: 🌟 Made with durable, child-friendly components, the kit ensures safe and engaging learning experiences. The 500 fischertechnik parts are neatly organized in a sturdy storage box for easy access.

Practical Learning Resources: 💡 Access free teaching materials, including display models, tasks, and solutions, through the fischertechnik eLearning portal. Enhance your lessons with problems, handouts, and copy templates.Access a myriad of teaching materials, including display models, tasks, and solutions, to enrich your lessons and stimulate student engagement.

Unlock the potential of budding machinists, technicians, and engineers with Mechanics 2.0. 🛠️ Let curiosity drive discovery as students delve into the fascinating world of mechanical engineering!


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