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Unlock the world of robotics with the Otto Builder Kit! Designed for ages 8+, this kit includes everything needed to build, program, and explore an interactive robot without any soldering. It’s perfect for budding engineers and curious minds.

  • Engage with STEAM: Introduces kids to robotics, engineering, and coding.
  • Easy Assembly: No soldering, simple construction for young inventors.
  • Programmable Fun: Learn coding with block-based, Python, or C++ options.
  • Expandable Design: Grow with Otto using additional kits and 3D printing.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Teacher Resources: STEM+A lessons ready for the classroom.


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HP Robots | Otto Starter Builder Kit


The Otto Starter Builder Kit enriches the robotics learning journey for students, taking them beyond mere construction. It’s a comprehensive experience where they can animate a character through code, empowering it to engage actively with its surroundings. This kit not only teaches robotics but also coding skills, creative problem-solving, and interactive technology use.


Build Your Otto:

🛠️ Assemble Otto with ease, a perfect project for classroom or home learning. The kit includes all necessary parts, ensuring a hassle-free start to your robotics journey.


Dive into Coding:

💻 With user-friendly apps and tools, coding becomes an exciting game. Otto is your guide, making complex concepts accessible and engaging.

Otto’s Three Programming Modes:

– Use the Controller app for direct control over movements, gestures, and sounds.

– Try block-based programming with a quick transition to Python for a balance of simplicity and power.

– For advanced learners, dive into Python or C++ programming for endless possibilities.



Packaging Contents:

3D printed PLA body and wheels

2× tire – circuit board – rechargeable battery

2× motor with screws

2× line following sensor + map

RGB LED ring

ultrasonic sensor

3 wire cable a 4 wire cable


USB-C cable

sheet of stickers and user guide



Sustainable Learning:

🔋 Equipped with a rechargeable battery, Otto is not only eco-friendly but also ready for hours of educational fun.


Creativity Unleashed:

🎨 Otto encourages out-of-the-box thinking. Its modular design and compatibility with 3D printing mean the only limit is your imagination.


Seamless Transition To Advanced Programming:

Otto’s web-based programming environment supports learners at all levels. Beginners can use block-based programming, while more advanced students can switch to Python or C++ in other popular IDEs.

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, Otto is ideal for classroom learning and at-home exploration, making it a versatile tool in any educational environment.


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