Ozobot Evo

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The Ozobot Evo STEAM is a versatile and programmable robot that introduces coding and creative problem-solving to students.

  • Teaches coding through interactive and customizable activities.
  • Encourages creativity, critical thinking, and hands-on learning.
  • Compatible with both block-based and text-based programming languages.
  • Equipped with sensors for line-following, proximity detection, and more.
  • Offers a range of play modes, including autonomous behavior and remote control.
  • Designed for classroom and individual use, fostering STEM skills in an engaging way.

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Ozobot Evo: The Smart Robot that Evolves with You


? The Next Generation of Learning Dive into the vibrant world of STEAM with the Ozobot Evo – a compact yet powerful robot designed to grow and evolve with its user. From beginners to seasoned tech enthusiasts, Evo caters to all.

? Innovative Learning, Unlimited Fun Ozobot Evo is more than just a robot. It’s an adventure waiting to unfold. With numerous games, challenges, and coding tasks, it seamlessly blends education with entertainment.

? Hands-On Coding Adventures From color codes drawn with markers to advanced online programming, the Ozobot Evo offers a spectrum of coding experiences. As skills develop, the challenges scale, ensuring there’s always something new to tackle.

? Social Robot with Personality With expressive LED lights, quirky sounds, and fun interactions, the Evo isn’t just a tool; it’s a robotic companion. Connect with friends, share codes, or even engage in playful Ozobot dances!

? Connected Learning Community Join an ever-growing Ozobot family. Share experiences, learn from global users, and access an extensive library of free lessons, games, and activities on the Ozobot platform.

? Evo’s World at Your Fingertips With the dedicated Ozobot Evo app, you can code, play, and explore on the go. Regular updates ensure that your Evo experience continues to evolve, always offering something fresh and exciting.

? Future-Ready Skillset In today’s digital age, coding is the new literacy. The Ozobot Evo provides a hands-on approach to developing these critical skills, preparing users for a world where technology is intertwined with every facet of life.


Discover, Code, Evolve with Ozobot Evo Embrace the future of learning with the Ozobot Evo. Whether it’s your first step into the realm of coding or a platform to test advanced programs, Evo is ready to journey with you. Explore, innovate, and evolve – the future is in your hands! ???.



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