Pneumatic Power

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Discover the fascinating world of pneumatics with fischertechnik’s Pneumatic Power set. Engage in hands-on learning with realistic models and interactive activities.

  • Hands-on exploration of pneumatic principles
  • Construct realistic models like excavators
  • Educational resources available online
  • Manual operation for comprehensive understanding
  • Interactive learning experience promoting problem-solving skills


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🔧 Dive into the fascinating world of pneumatics with FischerTechnik‘s Pneumatic Power set! Perfect for aspiring engineers, this kit introduces pneumatic principles through hands-on models and interactive learning experiences, providing a comprehensive understanding of how compressed air technology works.

🚀 Learn by Doing:

Build and operate realistic models that demonstrate pneumatic valves and cylinders in action. From excavators to other exciting models like a log grapple and a front loader, each project offers a fun and engaging way to understand how compressed air powers machinery and facilitates various movements.

🔍 Interactive Exploration:

Explore the principles of pneumatics through manual air pumping and valve operation. Understand how compressed air flows through hoses to drive pneumatic cylinders. With Pneumatic Power, comprehend how to bring models to life with realistic movements that mimic those of real-world machines.

📚 Educational Resources:

Access online didactic materials to deepen your understanding of pneumatics. Engage in interactive learning experiences that complement the hands-on activities, providing additional insights into the science and engineering behind pneumatic systems.

💡 Encourages Creativity:

Spark creativity and problem-solving skills as you experiment with different models and configurations. With over 380 parts, including phototransistors, push buttons, and XS motors, this set provides endless opportunities for imaginative exploration and discovery.

👩‍🔬 For Young Engineers:

Designed for children aged 9 and above, the Pneumatic Power set fosters technical imagination and introduces essential engineering concepts in a playful and engaging manner, laying the foundation for future innovation and discovery.

📦 What’s Included in the Pneumatic Power Set:

The kit includes everything needed to start exploring pneumatics, including manual air pumps, hand valves, hoses, and components for building various models. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery with fischertechnik’s Pneumatic Power set that comes with 384 pieces for more and more ideas!


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