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The Robobloq Q-Scout is a fun and versatile educational robot kit for learning coding and robotics.

  • Suitable for kids and beginners
  • Compatible with graphical programming software and Arduino IDE
  • Versatile and customizable with modular design and expansion capabilities
  • Equipped with sensors for obstacle avoidance and line following
  • Features wireless control via Bluetooth and IR remote
  • Includes building instructions for 6 different models
  • Designed for easy assembly without additional tools

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Meet Your New Friend Q-Scout!

  • Programmable Robot Kit: Q-Scout is designed for both new coders and professionals to have an interactive play with the coding robot. From the graphical Scratch coding to the high-level Arduino and Python programming, players can have progressive coding learning with Q-Scout.
  • Easy to Assemble and Transform: The assembly is friendly to all ages. Users can complete it within an hour based on our 3D instruction. Q-Scout can also transform into different structures with the combination of expansion packages from Robobloq.
  • Multiple Functions and Fun to Play: Equipped with various electronic modules and sensors, Q-Scout is a talented robot that has multiple functions. It not only can be controlled remotely through the App but also can follow your designated route and avoid obstacles in front of it under different modes. 
  • Indoor/Outdoor Play: The shiny mechanical robot is matched with stronger motors, thicker alloy, higher quality ABS materials, and more stable rubber tires. It allows it to run indoors and outdoors, on the floor, concretes, and even jagged rocks.



Metal Robot Building Platform

A real robot building experience with metal. This is a cost-friendly and easy-to-use robot building platform. Ultrasonic & line tracking sensors are scientifically fun and adequately programmable. The ever-growing list of sensors and electronic modules contributes to a complete robot building platform.



Arduino Based & Graphical Programming

The combination of Arduino and Scratch 3.0 based graphical programming environment covers both entry-level and higher-class development needs with superior hardware compatibility, helps children to develop their attentiveness and determination, and get ready for an era of AI.



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