Robot Chipz

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Unlock the world of robotics with the Chipz Kosmos Intelligent Robotics Kit. Build, program, and explore with this high-tech friend!”

  • Build your own robot companion with over 100 pieces
  • Features two motors and six feet for versatile movement
  • Built-in infrared sensors detect and avoid obstacles
  • Engage in intelligent game modes for interactive fun
  • Includes comic story and background information for immersive learning
  • Ideal for children aged 8 to 14, fostering construction skills and concentration.


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🤖 Welcome to the fascinating world of robotics with the Robot Chipz ! Designed by Kosmos, this Intelligent Robotics Kit is the perfect blend of fun and education, offering children an immersive experience in robotics and STEM learning. With its two motors, six feet, and built-in infrared sensors, Chipz is not just a toy but a cool high-tech friend ready to embark on a thousand and one adventures.

Build Your Own Robot

🛠️ Dive into the exciting process of building your own robot companion! With over 100 pieces, assembling Chipz is an engaging hands-on experience that fosters creativity and problem-solving skills. Each step in the construction process is carefully crafted to provide a journey of discovery, from connecting joints to fitting the exoskeleton.

Learn and Explore:

💡 Robot Chipz offers intelligent game modes that encourage exploration and learning. In Follow Me mode, it tracks objects, while in Explore mode, it detects and avoids obstacles, enhancing children’s understanding of robotics principles. The included comic story and background information provide a glimpse into the world of robotics and physics, adding an extra layer of excitement to the learning experience.

Safe and Durable:

🌟 Crafted with high-quality, child-friendly materials, Chipz prioritizes safety without compromising on durability or performance. Parents can rest assured that their children can experiment and play with Chipz for hours on end, all while learning and having fun.

Ideal for Young Tech Enthusiasts:

👦👧 Chipz is suitable for children aged 8 to 14, offering them a hands-on introduction to the world of robotics. Whether they’re building obstacle courses, experimenting with programming, or simply enjoying imaginative play, Chipz provides endless opportunities for growth and exploration.

Unlock the potential of your child’s imagination with Chipz Kosmos Intelligent Robotics Kit, where every assembly becomes an adventure and every play session sparks creativity and innovation! 🌈🚀


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