STEM Simple Machines

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Dive into the world of mechanics with STEM Simple Machines. Explore fundamental principles through hands-on experiments and practical learning.

  • Hands-on Exploration: Engage in scientific discovery with interactive experiments.
  • Comprehensive Learning: Understand basic mechanical concepts like levers, pulleys, and inclined planes.
  • Real-Life Applications: Explore models from everyday life, fostering eureka moments and practical understanding.
  • Versatile Experiments: Investigate mechanical functions such as screw clamps and pulleys for varied learning experiences.
  • Spring Balance Included: Measure and verify results with the spring balance for force measurement.


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🛠️ Dive into the world of mechanics with STEM Simple Machines by fischertechnik! This comprehensive educational set introduces learners to the fundamental principles behind various tools and machines. 🤖

Explore Mechanical Principles: 📚 STEM Simple Machines covers topics such as rope and rod, lever, roller, and inclined plane, allowing students to understand the physical laws governing these mechanisms.

Hands-On Learning: 🌟 With 268 components and 9 models, this kit offers hands-on exploration of mechanical functions. Students can assemble exciting models and conduct experiments to deepen their understanding.

Spring Balance Included: 📏 Measure forces accurately with the spring balance included in the kit, enabling students to validate their experimental results and comprehend force principles.

Encourages Critical Thinking: 🚀 Through practical experiments and model building, students enhance problem-solving skills and develop a deeper appreciation for mechanical and technical concepts.

Supports STEM Education: 🎓 Ideal for secondary schools, STEM Simple Machines promotes STEM learning by providing engaging activities that inspire curiosity and critical thinking.

Versatile Learning: 🌈 From understanding basic mechanical principles to exploring complex functions like differential gears, this set offers a versatile learning experience with endless possibilities.

Prepare Future Engineers: 👩‍🔬 Equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for future engineering endeavors, fostering a passion for STEM subjects and empowering them to innovate.

Embark on an educational journey with STEM Simple Machines and unlock the fascinating world of mechanical engineering! 🌐🔧


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