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STEM Statics

109,99 tax included

Delve into statics principles with the fischertechnik STEM Statistics kit. Explore forces and equilibrium through hands-on experiments.

  • Comprehensive exploration of static principles
  • Practical model examples for clear understanding
  • Spring balance included for precise force measurement
  • Real-world application in everyday life
  • Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ideal for students and educators interested in physics and engineering concepts
  • Covers compressive, tensile forces, and equilibrium of stationary bodies.


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📐 Embark on an immersive exploration of the captivating realm of statics with fischertechnik’s STEM Statics kit! Whether you’re a budding engineer or a curious learner, this innovative set provides a hands-on and engaging platform to delve into fundamental principles of physics.

🔍 Dive deep into Static Principles: Uncover the secrets behind statics phenomena, including the intricate dynamics of compressive and tensile forces, equilibrium of stationary bodies, and the fundamental role of triangles in structural stability.

🛠️ Explore Practical Model Examples: Construct and experiment with ten captivating models meticulously designed to elucidate key statics principles. From simple structures to complex configurations, each model offers practical insights into the behavior of static systems.

📏 Utilize the Spring Balance: Measure and analyze forces with precision using the included spring balance. This essential tool facilitates accurate data collection, enabling you to conduct insightful experiments and validate theoretical concepts.

💡 Foster Critical Thinking: Cultivate problem-solving skills and analytical thinking as you navigate through a series of practical tasks and real-world scenarios. Engage in hands-on experimentation to deepen your understanding of statics principles and their applications.

🎓 Ideal for Educational Settings: Tailored for both classroom instruction and independent exploration, this kit is accompanied by comprehensive didactic materials. Educators can seamlessly integrate statics concepts into their teaching curriculum, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Embark on an enriching journey of discovery with fischertechnik’s STEM Statics, where hands-on learning converges with the captivating world of physics! 🚀


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