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Explore renewable energy with Solar, the FischerTechnik Solar Energy Kit. Harness the power of the sun to create moving models and participate in a fun and educational game.

  • Learn about renewable energy through hands-on exploration.
  • The solar rotor converts sunlight into kinetic energy to move the propellers.
  • Build models like a solar-powered helicopter, airboat, and fan.
  • Encourages STEM learning and creativity.
  • Ideal for children interested in science, engineering and sustainability.


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🌞 ¡Explora el fascinante mundo de la energía renovable con Solar de FischerTechnik! This innovative building set introduces children to the power of the sun in a fun and engaging way, encouraging curiosity and learning. Discover how sunlight can be harnessed to create movement and power exciting models.

🔆 Aprovecha la Energía Solar:

Build sun-powered models with the solar rotor, combining panels and a motor to spin the propellers. Experience the magic of renewable energy as models, including a helicopter, airboat and fan, come to life using solar energy to move and operate.

🌱 Diversión Eco-Amigable:

Promotes sustainability and environmental awareness through hands-on play. It empowers children to understand the importance of renewable energy sources and their impact on the planet. By exploring the power of the sun, children learn valuable lessons about conservation and the preservation of natural resources.

🚀 Aprendizaje STEM:

Immerse yourself in STEM education. Assembling models and experimenting with solar energy principles promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and scientific investigation. Through hands-on exploration, children develop essential STEM skills that are crucial to success in today's world.

🎨 Inspira Creatividad:

Spark creativity and imagination as children design and build their solar-powered creations. With over 140 pieces and endless possibilities, the kit offers unlimited opportunities for exploration and invention. From designing unique structures to experimenting with different configurations, creativity has no limits with Solar.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Juego Educativo:

Ideal for children ages eight and up, the Solar Energy Kit provides a complete entry-level package for learning about renewable energy. The included play figure adds an element of fun to the learning experience, encouraging imaginative play and storytelling. It offers an engaging way for children to learn and play simultaneously.

💡 Recursos Educativos:

Access educational materials on the eLearning portal to improve the learning process. Learn about solar energy, programming and more in an easy-to-follow format, supporting children's understanding and engagement. With additional resources available online, Solar provides a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the physical building set.

¡Embárcate en un viaje educativo con Solar, donde aprender sobre energía renovable es tanto esclarecedor como entretenido! 🌞🔧


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