Arduino UNO F5 Adapter

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Unlock the potential of your Arduino UNO with the versatile Arduino UNO F5 Adapter. Seamlessly integrate with fischertechnik systems for limitless project possibilities.

  • Seamless Integration: Bridge between Arduino UNO and fischertechnik ecosystem.
  • Wireless Communication: Enables wireless connectivity with other devices using NRF24L01 library.
  • Motor Control: Control DC and servo motors for dynamic projects.
  • Sensor Readouts: Access digital and analog sensor data for real-time analysis.
  • Flexible Programming: Use preferred programming language without special libraries.
  • PWM Output Control: Precise control over motor speed and LED brightness.


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Dive into the world of Arduino UNO with the F5 Adapter by fischertechnik! This versatile shield bridges the gap between Arduino projects and the robust fischertechnik ecosystem, offering a seamless integration experience for both beginners and seasoned makers alike.

Explore Interfacing: 🔄 Seamlessly connect Arduino UNO projects with fischertechnik components, enabling wireless communication, motor control, and sensor integration. With 6 inputs and 8 outputs, plus an I2C port, the adapter empowers you to expand your projects’ functionality with ease.

Enhanced Programming: 💡 Utilize your preferred programming language, whether it’s C, Scratch, or others, without the need for specialized libraries. Control DC motors and LEDs effortlessly through PWM outputs, allowing precise adjustments to speed and brightness.

Expand Functionality: 🛠️ With the flexibility to connect up to 4 DC motors or 8 lights, each connector supporting up to 600 mA of power, the F5 Adapter offers unmatched versatility for your Arduino UNO projects. Whether you’re building a robotics project or creating an interactive installation, this adapter provides the power and connectivity you need.

Versatile Power Options: 🔋 Power your projects with ease using universal power adapters (6 – 9V) or batteries (6 – 9V), ensuring flexibility in various setups and environments. Whether you’re working in a classroom, workshop, or field environment, the F5 Adapter keeps your projects powered and ready for action.

Safety First: ⚡ Rest assured with built-in protection against high voltages, ensuring the safety of both your projects and the Arduino UNO board. With the F5 Adapter, you can experiment and innovate with confidence, knowing that your equipment is protected from potential electrical hazards.

Discover endless opportunities for innovation and creativity with the Arduino UNO F5 Adapter from fischertechnik! 🚀🔧


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