Dynamic XM

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Introducing the dynamic XM by fischertechnik—a thrilling marble run kit that promises endless fun and excitement!

  • Experience the thrill of marble run action with a unique mechanical clamping device.
  • Marbles are catapulted onto the launching pad, creating exciting bouncing action.
  • Ensure safe marble landing with adjustable launching pad settings along three axes.
  • Construct three dynamic models for varied marble run experiences.
  • Access free building instructions online for seamless integration with other fischertechnik kits.


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🎢 Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of marble run action with FischerTechnik‘s Dynamic XM! Perfect for builders of all ages, this construction kit offers endless possibilities and excitement. With its innovative design and versatile components, the Dynamic XM kit takes marble run construction to new heights, providing hours of entertainment and creative exploration.

🔧 Build and Create:

Construct exciting marble run models with the Dynamic XM kit, featuring innovative designs and versatile building components. Let your creativity run wild as you build and customize your own dynamic tracks. With a wide range of pieces and configurations to choose from, the possibilities are limitless, ensuring endless hours of building fun.

🚀 Launch Pad Fun:

Experience the excitement of launching marbles with the mechanical clamping device, sending them soaring onto the launching pad and into the rotary funnel. Adjust the launching pad for precision and accuracy, ensuring a thrilling marble run every time. The dynamic launch mechanism adds an extra element of excitement to your marble run adventures, keeping you engaged and entertained.

🎯 Adjustable Action:

Customize your marble run experience with adjustable roadblocks that add an extra layer of challenge and excitement. Experiment with different configurations to create unique obstacle courses and racing challenges. The ability to adjust the track layout allows for endless variations, keeping gameplay fresh and engaging with each new design.

🌟 High-Quality Construction:

Crafted with durable materials and precision engineering, the Dynamic XM kit guarantees long-lasting fun and excitement. Enjoy hours of entertainment with this high-quality marble run set that’s built to last. The sturdy construction ensures stability during play, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the marble run action without worrying about the durability of your creations.

📚 Free Building Instructions:

Explore even more possibilities with free building instructions available on the fischertechnik website. Discover new ways to combine the Dynamic XM kit with other sets for expanded gameplay and creativity. With step-by-step guidance and inspirational ideas, the building instructions provide endless inspiration for your marble run creations, ensuring that the fun never ends.


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