Green Energy

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Dive into the world of renewable energy with the fischertechnik Green Energy construction kit! Perfect for ages 9 and up, this kit teaches sustainable energy concepts through hands-on experimentation.

  • Learn about solar power, wind energy, and hydroelectricity through 14 different models.
  • Understand how solar cells, wind turbines, and hydroelectric generators work.
  • Promotes environmental awareness and encourages responsible energy consumption.
  • Ideal for STEM education, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Engaging and educational, providing an interactive experience for young learners.
  • Perfect for home or classroom use, supporting inquiry-based learning and exploration.


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🌿 Dive into the fascinating world of sustainable energy with fischertechnik’s Green Energy construction kit! Perfect for budding eco-enthusiasts aged 9 and up, this innovative set introduces the principles of renewable energy in an engaging and hands-on manner. Explore the power of the sun, wind, and water through a series of exciting experiments and model constructions. 🌞

🔬 Educational Exploration:

Uncover the secrets of green energy generation with 14 different models that demonstrate the workings of solar cells, wind turbines, and hydroelectric power plants. Each model provides a tangible representation of how renewable energy sources can be harnessed to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly way.

🌱 Sustainable Solutions:

Learn about the importance of renewable energy technologies in combating climate change and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Discover how innovations in green energy can help create a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come.

🛠️ Hands-On Learning:

Construct and operate various renewable energy models, gaining a deeper understanding of the scientific principles behind each technology. From capturing sunlight to generating electricity from wind, the Green Energy kit offers a practical and interactive approach to STEM education.

💡 STEM Enrichment:

Foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific inquiry skills as you explore the fascinating world of renewable energy. With its focus on hands-on experimentation and exploration, the Green Energy kit encourages students to think creatively and analytically about real-world environmental challenges.

📚 Comprehensive Curriculum:

Access a wealth of educational resources and materials online, including detailed instructions, background information, and supplementary activities. Deepen your understanding of renewable energy concepts and explore related topics such as climate change, sustainability, and environmental conservation.

👩‍🔬 For All Ages:

Whether you’re a curious youngster or a lifelong learner, the Green Energy kit offers something for everyone interested in exploring the possibilities of renewable energy. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unlock the potential of green technology and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. 🌟🌍


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