micro:bit F5 Adapter

40,99 tax included

Unlock the potential of your micro:bit with the micro:bit F5 Adapter, seamlessly integrating it with the versatile fischertechnik modular system.

  • Seamlessly integrates micro:bit with fischertechnik modular system.
  • Features 8 outputs and 6 inputs for enhanced connectivity.
  • Affordable package with 6 inputs, 8 outputs, and I2C port.
  • Powered by universal adapters or batteries (6 – 9V).
  • Connect up to 4 DC motors or 8 lights with 600 mA per connector.
  • Protected against high voltages for safety.


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🤖 Dive into the world of micro:bit with the micro:bit F5 Adapter by fischertechnik! This versatile tool bridges the gap between micro:bit controllers and fischertechnik systems, offering endless possibilities for STEM education and project development.

Unlock Creativity: 🎨 With 8 outputs and 6 inputs, the F5 Adapter enables seamless integration of micro:bit projects with fischertechnik modules, fostering creativity and innovation in STEM learning.

Wireless Communication: 📡 Utilize the I2C port and wireless communication capabilities to connect with other devices or interfaces, expanding the scope of projects and experimentation. With the ability to communicate wirelessly, students can explore remote control applications, data logging, and collaborative projects, enhancing their understanding of IoT (Internet of Things) concepts and technologies.

Flexible Power Options: 🔋 Power the adapter and micro:bit via universal power adapters (6-9V) or batteries (6-9V), providing flexibility for various project setups and environments.

Versatile Output Control: 🛠️ Control up to 4 standard DC motors or 8 lights with the adapter’s outputs, allowing for precise control and customization in project development.

Protected Design: ⚡ The adapter is designed to withstand high voltages, ensuring safety and reliability in operation, making it ideal for educational environments and hands-on learning experiences.

Expand the possibilities of micro:bit projects and STEM education with the micro:bit F5 Adapter from fischertechnik, where innovation meets hands-on learning! 🚀🔬


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