Starter Set for micro:bit

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Introduce students to coding with the Micro:Bit Starter Set. This comprehensive kit includes 90 parts, an IO adapter, and educational materials for hands-on STEM learning.

  • Perfect for beginners exploring coding and electronics.
  • Includes 90 parts and an IO adapter for versatile projects.
  • Engages students with hands-on STEM learning experiences.
  • Supports programming and experimentation with micro:bit boards.
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Ideal for educators seeking to integrate coding into their curriculum.
  • Access didactic materials and programming examples online.
  • Required: micro:bit board, software and power supply

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🤖 Dive into the exciting world of coding and robotics with the fischertechnik Starter Set for Micro:Bit! Designed to ignite curiosity and foster STEM learning in students of all ages, this innovative kit is the perfect introduction to programming with micro:bit single board computers. 🌟

Unleash Your Creativity: 🛠️ With a comprehensive set of 90 parts and an IO adapter, let your imagination soar as you assemble and program your own projects with micro:bit boards. From simple circuits to intricate inventions, the possibilities are limitless!

Explore Programming: 💻 Delve into the fundamentals of coding with step-by-step instructions and online resources. Witness your creations come to life, executing tasks with precision and responding to your commands.

Develop Essential Skills: 🚀 Cultivate problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity through hands-on experimentation. Each project presents unique challenges, empowering young minds with crucial skills for the digital age and beyond.

Safe and Reliable: 🔒 Crafted with high-quality, child-friendly materials, the Starter Set for Micro:Bit ensures a safe and durable learning experience. Encourage young inventors to explore and experiment with confidence!

Endless Discoveries: 🌈 This complete set includes a fischertechnik part set for building three stationary models and the new fischertechnik “micro:bit IO F5 adapter”. The adapter board has 8 outputs and 6 inputs. It can be used to control simple, easy to understand demonstration models (a pedestrian walk sign, hand dryer, barrier) equipped with actuators and sensors using the “micro:bit board”.

Embark on a journey of discovery with the fischertechnik Starter Set for Micro:Bit, where learning meets creativity and endless possibilities await! 🎓🤖


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