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Dive into the world of structural stability with the fischertechnik Statics Exploration Kit. Learn through play with explanatory models, bridges, towers, and famous structures like the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge.

  • Explore principles of statics through hands-on experimentation.
  • Construct 11 impressive models, including bridges, towers, and a crane.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of structural stability and design.
  • Includes famous structures like the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge.
  • Extensive accompanying materials deepen knowledge through interactive learning.


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Unravel the mysteries of structural stability with the FischerTechnik Statics Exploration Kit. Dive into the fascinating world of engineering and architecture as you construct bridges, towers, and iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower and Tower Bridge.

Discover the Essentials of Statics:

🏗️ Build Various Models:

Construct eleven impressive models, including functional models and famous structures, to gain hands-on experience in statics. From explanatory functional models to various bridges, towers, and a crane, this kit offers a diverse range of projects that illustrate key statics concepts.

🔍 Explore Real-World Concepts:

Learn about the principles of stability and structural engineering through practical experimentation and play. Experiment with different building materials, configurations, and load-bearing techniques to understand how structures maintain equilibrium and withstand external forces.

📚 Extensive Learning Materials:

Access comprehensive online resources to deepen your understanding of statics and enhance your engineering knowledge. Explore interactive tutorials, instructional videos, and supplementary materials that provide valuable insights into the science behind structural stability.

Foster Critical Thinking:

🧠 Promote Critical Thinking:

Develop problem-solving skills and foster creativity while engaging in educational activities that challenge the mind. Analyze the design and construction of various structures, identifying potential weaknesses and brainstorming innovative solutions to improve their stability.

👩‍🔬 Ideal for Young Engineers:

Suitable for aspiring engineers aged 9 and above, this kit provides a fun and educational experience for curious minds. Whether you’re a budding architect, builder, or engineer, the Exploration Kit offers an exciting opportunity to explore the principles of statics in a hands-on, interactive way.

🚀 Ignite a Passion for STEM:

Inspire a lifelong interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with engaging construction projects. Encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery as you delve into the world of statics and unleash your creativity through imaginative design and experimentation.

Embark on a journey of discovery and exploration with the fischertechnik Statics Exploration Kit. Delve into the world of statics and unleash your creativity while building, learning, and having fun! 🌟


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