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STEM Pneumatics

179,99 tax included

Dive into the world of pneumatics with STEM Pneumatics by fischertechnik. Build, experiment, and learn about the principles of air-powered technology.

  • Hands-on exploration of pneumatic systems
  • Includes components for building various models
  • Learn about pressure, airflow, and mechanical motion
  • Ideal for STEM education and hands-on learning
  • Encourages creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking
  • Suitable for students and educators interested in engineering and technology
  • Enhances understanding of real-world applications of pneumatic systems
  • Comprehensive learning resources and instructional materials included


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🔧 Dive into the world of pneumatic systems with STEM Pneumatics by fischertechnik! 🌬️ Unlock the power of compressed air and discover the fascinating principles of fluid dynamics and automation.

Hands-On Learning: 🤲 Assemble 18 exciting models that demonstrate the fundamental concepts of pneumatics. From simple air-powered mechanisms to complex automated systems, each model offers a hands-on experience in pneumatic engineering.

Interactive Experiments: 🎓 Explore 26 engaging experiments designed to deepen understanding and reinforce learning. From studying the behavior of gases to constructing pneumatic circuits, students embark on a journey of discovery through practical experimentation.

Comprehensive Curriculum: 📚 STEM Pneumatics covers a wide range of topics, including pressure, flow, valves, and actuators. Suitable for secondary schools, the curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of pneumatic principles essential for future engineers and technicians.

Collaborative Learning: 👥 Ideal for group work, STEM Pneumatics encourages collaboration and teamwork among 2 to 4 pupils. Through cooperative problem-solving and project-based learning, students develop communication skills and critical thinking abilities.

High-Quality Materials: 🌟 Crafted with durable components, the kit ensures long-lasting durability and safety for classroom use. With 320 precision-engineered parts and clear assembly instructions, students can seamlessly build and experiment with pneumatic systems.

Online Resources: 💻 Access additional learning materials and resources online, including task sheets, solutions, and instructional videos. Enhance classroom lessons with supplementary content that reinforces key concepts and promotes self-directed learning.

Immerse students in the fascinating world of STEM Pneumatics, where hands-on exploration ignites curiosity and sparks a passion for engineering innovation! 🚀🔍


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