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Strong Pneumatics

139,99 tax included

Explore the world of pneumatics with the fischertechnik Strong Pneumatics set. Learn and have fun with realistic models and components.

  • Introduces children to the importance and functionality of pneumatics.
  • Features six different models, including a log grapple and front loader.
  • Teaches basics of pneumatics through practical, hands-on experience.
  • Promotes technical imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Ideal for children aged 9 and over, fostering STEM learning and creativity.


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🔧 Dive into the fascinating world of pneumatics with FischerTechnik‘s Strong Pneumatics set! Perfect for young engineers aged 9 and above, this kit offers hands-on learning with six exciting models that demonstrate the power and versatility of compressed air.

Explore Pneumatic Principles:

🌬️ Understand the fundamentals of pneumatics through interactive models like the log grapple, front loader, double roundabout rake, and more. Each model showcases different pneumatic functions, providing a comprehensive learning experience for children curious about the mechanics behind everyday machines.

Realistic Components:

🔩 Experience realism with pneumatic valves, hoses, compressor, and exhaust air throttles included in the set. These components mimic real-world pneumatic systems, allowing kids to grasp concepts easily and gain practical insight into how compressed air is utilized in various applications.

Promotes Creativity:

🎨 Encourage imagination and problem-solving skills as children build and experiment with various pneumatic mechanisms. From simple movements to complex actions, the possibilities are endless with Strong Pneumatics, inspiring young minds to think critically and innovate.

Engaging Learning:

📚 Access online resources and accompanying information to delve deeper into the world of pneumatics. Expand knowledge and understanding through interactive lessons, tutorials, and engaging activities that reinforce learning outcomes and foster a deeper appreciation for STEM concepts.

Safe and Durable Design:

👦👧 Crafted with high-quality materials, fischertechnik ensures safety and durability in every component of the Strong Pneumatics set. Parents can rest assured as their children engage in educational play, knowing that the product is designed to withstand rigorous exploration and experimentation.

Empower Young Engineers:

🌟 Inspire the engineers and programmers of tomorrow with a product designed to educate, entertain, and ignite curiosity. Strong Pneumatics offers an exciting blend of learning and fun for aspiring innovators, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-evolving field of technology and engineering.


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