Microbit V2 Board

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The Microbit V2 board is a versatile microcontroller designed for educational programming, offering enhanced features and compatibility for learning and creating.

  • Updated version of the popular Micro:Bit microcontroller board.
  • Enhanced features for educational programming and projects.
  • Built-in accelerometer, compass, LED matrix, and more.
  • Compatible with various programming languages.
  • Versatile tool for learning coding, electronics, and creativity.

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Microbit V2 Board: Unleashing Digital Creations, One Bit at a Time!


? Empower Your Digital Dreams Step into the world of digital creation with the Microbit V2 Board. Whether you’re a student, educator, or tech enthusiast, prepare to be fascinated.

? V2: The Next Generation Benefit from the enhanced features of the V2 iteration. From a more potent processor to richer sound capabilities, it’s a significant upgrade from its predecessor.

? Sound & Music Ready Incorporating a built-in microphone and speaker, the Microbit V2 Board is primed for musical projects. Detect sound, play notes, and become an instant maestro.

? Plug, Play & Program With its user-friendly interface and a plethora of online resources, diving into coding is a breeze. Whether it’s Python or block-based programming, the board supports it all.

? Illuminate Ideas with the LED Display Sketch patterns, flash messages, or simply use it for feedback; the 5×5 LED matrix is your canvas.

? Sensors Galore From detecting motion with its accelerometer to recognizing direction via its compass, the built-in sensors open avenues for countless innovative projects.

? Expandable Ecosystem Thanks to its edge connector, the Microbit V2 is compatible with a host of accessories. Whether you’re into robotics, music, or IoT, there’s an extension waiting.

? Educators’ Best Friend With curriculum-aligned lessons and projects available, the Microbit V2 Board is a dynamic teaching tool. Turn each classroom session into a tech adventure.

? Community & Support Join a global community of Microbit enthusiasts. With forums, tutorials, and updates, you’re never alone on your digital journey.


Evolve with Every Bit The Microbit V2 Board isn’t just a piece of hardware; it’s a passport to the digital realm. Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, it promises a journey where learning meets fun, innovation meets intuition, and every bit counts. Dive in and discover the infinite possibilities!


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