Smarttech RX

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Dive into the world of robotics and coding with the SmartTech RX kit. Explore limitless possibilities through innovative programming and versatile mobility.

  • Unleash Creativity: Engage in hands-on learning and experimentation with the SmartTech RX robotics coding kit.
  • Versatile Programming: Utilize the graphical programming software to code and control nine fascinating models.
  • Platform Independence: Enjoy seamless coding experiences across various devices with the software’s platform-independent design.
  • Omnidirectional Movement: Experience the thrill of omnidirectional movement with four motors and omnidirectional wheels.
  • Exciting Features: Build and program mobile robots with track sensors, gesture sensors, and pushbuttons.
  • Educational Value: Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills while promoting STEM learning.


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🤖 Dive into the exciting world of robotics with Fischer Technik’s Smarttech RX Programming Construction Set! Perfect for aspiring engineers, this kit offers a hands-on experience in building and programming robots.

Build Your Own Robot: 🛠️ With nine fascinating models to choose from, assemble your robot using the Fischer Technik RX Controller and ROBO Pro Coding software. Explore various designs, including mobile robots and dancing robots.

Learn to Program: 💻 Delve into the basics of programming using the intuitive graphical interface of the ROBO Pro Coding software. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder, there are ready-made examples to guide you through the process.

Enhance Critical Skills: 🚀 Develop problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity as you tackle each step of building and programming your robot. From track sensors to gesture sensors, each component presents a unique challenge waiting to be mastered.

Safe and Durable: 🌟 Crafted with high-quality materials, Fischer Technik ensures that the Smarttech RX set is durable and safe for hands-on experimentation. Let your creativity flow without worrying about damage to your creations.

Endless Possibilities: 🌈 Unleash your imagination and explore the endless possibilities of robotics! Whether you’re interested in STEM education or simply enjoy tinkering with technology, the Smarttech RX set offers boundless opportunities for learning and play.

Embark on an educational journey with Fischer Technik’s Smarttech RX Programming Construction Set, where innovation meets exploration! 🎓🤖


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