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Edison WHY Brick

215,38 tax included

Boost your robotics projects with Edison WHY Bricks! Expand coding capabilities and enhance STEM learning with these versatile sensor-equipped bricks.

  • Integrate additional sensors and connectors to Edison robots for expanded functionality and versatility.
  • Explore complex coding concepts and programming logic with the enhanced capabilities of WHY bricks.
  • Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on robotics projects.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Edison robots, allowing for seamless integration and endless possibilities.
  • Perfect for educators and students alike, promoting STEM education and enhancing robotics curriculum.


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🌟 Explora infinitas posibilidades en educación y creatividad con los Ladrillos WHY de Edison! 🧱 Diseñados para encender la curiosidad y el pensamiento crítico, los Ladrillos WHY ofrecen un enfoque práctico para el aprendizaje que involucra a estudiantes de todas las edades.

🔍 Investiga y Descubre:

Each WHY Brick is meticulously designed to inspire inquiry and exploration. Encourage students to ask questions, investigate, and discover answers through interactive learning experiences.

🧠 Fomenta el Pensamiento Crítico:

Encourages problem-solving skills and logical reasoning as students experiment with different combinations and configurations of WHY Bricks. From simple concepts to complex theories, WHY Bricks empower students to think critically and analytically.

🏗️ Construye y Crea:

Fuel creativity and imagination with versatile building blocks that allow students to bring their ideas to life. Whether building simple structures or elaborate designs, WHY Bricks provide a platform for endless building possibilities.

🎓 Mejora la Educación STEM:

Integrate WHY Bricks into STEM curricula to reinforce concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By connecting theoretical knowledge with practical application, students gain a deeper understanding of STEM principles.

👩‍🏫 Ideal para Educadores:

WHY Bricks are invaluable tools for educators looking for innovative teaching resources. Enhance classroom lessons, group activities, and project-based learning initiatives with hands-on manipulatives that engage and inspire.

🌈 Desbloquea la Creatividad:

Awaken creativity and innovation in students of all levels with WHY Bricks. From collaborative problem-solving challenges to individual exploration, these dynamic learning tools encourage students to think creatively and unleash their full potential.

💡 Descubre el poder del aprendizaje experiencial con los Ladrillos WHY de Edison, ¡una adición esencial a cualquier conjunto de herramientas educativas! 🚀


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