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Factory Simulation for Industry 4,0 24V Complete set with S7-1500 PLC

1,125,30 tax included

Immerse yourself in Industry 4,0 with our complete factory training suite. Experience real-world automation and learn PLC programming for modern manufacturing.

  • Immerse yourself in the latest industrial automation technologies.
  • Master programming skills with the Siemens S7-1500 PLC included in the set.
  • Includes storage, processing, sorting and monitoring stations for hands-on learning.
  • Monitor production processes and track work pieces with an integrated control panel.
  • Uses NFC technology for individual workpiece identification and tracking.
  • Built-in sensors provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality.
  • Access control panels and control modules remotely through web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Ensure data security with encrypted transmission and OAuth2 authentication.
  • Ideal for digital applications and demonstrators, with CAD data available for customization.

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🏭 ¡Sumérgete en el futuro de la Industria 4.0 con la FischertechnikFactory Simulation! This complete suite revolutionizes vocational learning and research, offering hands-on experience in digitalized and networked manufacturing processes.

🛠️ Construye una Fábrica Totalmente Funcional:

Build the high-bay warehouse, sorting line, processing station and more, simulating the entire production process with precision and detail. With modules such as the storage and retrieval station, vacuum gripping robot, and multi-processing station with oven, students and professionals alike can immerse themselves in the complexities of modern manufacturing.

💻 Aprende Automatización Avanzada:

Explore PLC programming with the Siemens S7-1500, controlling every aspect of factory operation with efficiency and precision. With prewritten example programs and structured text (ST) coding, users can quickly understand the fundamentals of industrial automation and develop essential skills for today's workforce.

🌐 Conéctate a la Nube:

Use IoT technology to monitor and manage the factory remotely, accessing real-time data and analytics for improved decision making. The integrated environmental sensor and NFC tracking system provide valuable information on factors such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and workpiece status, empowering users to optimize production processes and resource utilization.

🚀 Desarrolla Habilidades Industriales Cruciales:

Improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills as you navigate the complexities of modern manufacturing. fischertechnik Factory Simulation encourages hands-on experimentation and collaboration, promoting a deep understanding of Industry 4,0 principles and practices.

📚 Ideal para Educación e Investigación:

Perfect for vocational schools, universities and corporate training programs, offering a versatile platform to explore Industry 4,0 concepts and applications. Whether used in classrooms, research laboratories or corporate training facilities, Factory Simulation provides a dynamic learning environment for students and professionals alike.

¡Emprende un viaje de aprendizaje transformador con la Fischertechnik Simulación de Fábrica para la Industria 4.0 24V Juego completo con PLC S7-1500, donde la innovación se encuentra con la educación en la era digital! 🎓🏭


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