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Photon Level A Educational Cards

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Immerse yourself in interactive learning with Photon Level A Educational Cards. Designed for young learners, these cards enhance education through engaging images and versatile applications.

  • Colorful illustrations capture children's attention, facilitating the understanding and retention of educational concepts.
  • They promote active participation and engagement in lessons with interactive flashcards adapted for A Level education.
  • Suitable for various teaching methods, including group activities, individual study and classroom discussions.
  • They encourage cognitive development, language skills and critical thinking from an early age.
  • They provide teachers with a valuable tool to reinforce lessons and assess student understanding.


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Unlock the world of educational exploration with Level A Educational Cards fromPhoton! Specifically designed to be used with the Photon educational robot, these double-sided tiles offer dynamic learning opportunities for preschool and elementary school children.

🤖 Compatibilidad con Photon:

Designed as supplementary material for Stage A of the Photon scenarios, these cards integrate seamlessly with the educational robot curriculum, enhancing interactive learning experiences.

🎓 Aprendizaje Versátil:

With 22 double-sided flashcards featuring a variety of versatile icons, these cards are ideal for both structured classroom activities and independent learning sessions. Engage students in hands-on exploration of concepts such as wildlife, emotions, obstacles, planets, transportation, flowers, and weather.

🌳 Explora la Naturaleza:

Immerse yourself in nature with forest icons showing wild boars, roe deer, boletus mushrooms, raspberries, pines and poplars. Stimulates curiosity about the natural world and ecological diversity.

🐭 Acepta las Emociones:

Enter the world of emotions with icons that represent joy, sadness, anger, disgust, approval, disapproval and admiration. Promotes emotional intelligence and empathy through interactive discussions.

🚀 Navega Obstáculos:

Face challenges with icons representing asteroids, encouraging problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Navigate through obstacles and develop strategies to overcome adversity.

🌎 Viaje por el Espacio:

Embark on an intergalactic adventure with colorful planet icons in red, green, yellow, blue and purple tones. Awaken curiosity about the cosmos and planetary exploration.

🚌 Símbolos de Transporte:

Take to the road with bus icons adorned with a series of symbols, encouraging discussions about transportation systems and travel logistics.

💐 Descubre la Flora:

Appreciate the beauty of nature with flower icons featuring milkweed, cornflowers, chamomile, and poppy seeds. Explore botanical diversity and the life cycle of plants.

🌞 Símbolos del Tiempo:

Experience the elements with weather symbols representing sun, rain, storms and snow. Facilitates discussions about meteorology and seasonal changes.

¡Despierta la curiosidad, inspira el aprendizaje y emprende un cautivador viaje educativo con las Tarjetas Educativas Nivel A de Photon! 🚀📚


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